The Glovers Difference

Game change doesn’t come from copying others or being a ‘me-too’. It comes from our uniqueness and our courage to do what we believe in

Your home is where our heart is.

The saying ‘home is where the heart is’ explains so much when it comes to the business of real estate.

We’re not just dealing with bricks and mortar; we’re dealing with people, at a time when emotions are often running high.

The last thing the good people of West Auckland need is any additional grief from an outdated real estate process.

Uncommon amounts of common sense.

That’s why Glovers changed it up. We march to a different beat in our three West Auckland offices – and it involves uncommon amounts of common sense.

We run a different system of selling to the rest of the industry. Inspired by people’s champions of Real Estate, Neil Jenman and GaryPittard, our business model has our clients at its heart – not our own needs

How do we make sure it stays that way?

First of all, we pay our agents a guaranteed income. Call us crazy but it works!

Instead of scrambling for commission, competing against each other and dealing in half truths, they can do what’s right for the client.

We price our homes.

In truth, nobody likes playing ‘Guess the Price!’ Auckland is awash with stories of disappointment, at all levels of the market. A Glovers home always has a price tag. It’s then up to our agents to leverage the competition for the home and our buyers to put their very best price forward.

All our real estate advertising is free to the seller.

The Internet changed things but, here’s the odd part, most of the industry hasn’t caught up. Our marketing campaigns are primarily conducted online, where the market hangs out most.Of course we have a presence in print too, but we’re big on fishing where the fish are. There goes that common sense again.

See it today. Buy it today. How’s that for an uncommonly good idea?

We’ve dismantled the open home system where homes are a free for all twice a week, jam-packed with people with no intention of buying. Instead we only take pre-qualified buyers through our homes, at a time that suits them. If they want to make an offer, we let all our agents know and those agents can then call any other interested parties. The best offer wins!

The open home is ours: seven days a week the welcome mat is out,

and at any time we’re only a phone call away. That’s the great thing about not having to hang around pointless open homes – we’ve got time to talk to actual buyers and sellers!

We know West best.

How can we be so sure? We have a simple policy in place; to be a Glovers agent you have to be a Westie! We’re not so one eyed that you have to be born and bred in the area, but we firmly believe that locals know local best. Everyone who works at Glovers is committed and connected to the community they live within.

Transparent consistent reportage.

This should be common practice, we know. Wouldn’t you know it, at Glovers it is! 

Every enquiry is logged, you’ll even get a phone call with feedback after every inspection if you like and a weekly written report will keep you totally up to date with exactly how the market is seeing your property.

The Home Sellers Protection Guarantee. Heard of it?

Unless you’ve already done business with us, chances are probably not! This consumer guarantee was created by a real estate advocacy group to ensure that when an agency lists and sells a house, it is held accountable for the promises made to the owner(s). We’re happy to sign it, but you might not find many of our competitors are quite so enthusiastic about it...


It’s hard to talk about them without coming across a little holier than thou, but the truth is they’re in dangerously short supply in our industry. Good values are what create great value in any business – ours is no exception.

Sincerely, you couldn’t be in safer hands than Glovers.

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