Some frequently asked questions:

Q. Many people who would be suitable for a career in real estate do not enter the industry because of the usual 'commission only' pay structure. What is your pay structure?
A. Unlike most other agencies, we offer a guaranteed income of up to $74,000 p.a. plus $3,000 p.a. training allowance plus generous bonuses. Our salespeople average $100,000 - $125,000 p.a. but our high achievers earn considerably more. This is several times the industry average.

Q. Some people are put off a career in real estate because of the reputation of the industry and of real estate salespeople in particular. Are you any different?
A. Yes, considerably. The 'Pittard' system used by our company is based on ethical considerations. Everything we do has been looked at in the context not of what is legal (i.e. what we can do and get away with) but rather from whether or not our buyers, sellers and others will be hurt by what we do. If there is a likelihood that people will be at risk by our actions, we won't perform those actions. This is why we will have nothing to do with auctions, open homes and vendor paid advertising, because of their potential to harm people.

Q. Will I have to pay for any advertising of property?
A. No, definitely not. The company pays for any advertising considered necessary.

Q. What training or qualifications are necessary?
A. Like all those entering the Real Estate industry you will need to have your Real Estate licence but also:

  • Live within 30 minutes of the closest office (Our offices are in Titirangi, Green Bay & New Lynn, AUCKLAND) 
  • Show a strong desire to succeed. 
  • Possess good communication/people skills. 
  • Demonstrate a stable background.
  • Want to be trained in ethical sales systems.

Q. Do you have any other positions available?
A. From time to time, we have the following positions available:

  • Homefinders: the requirements for this position are much the same as for a salesperson. The income is also a guaranteed income plus bonuses. 
  • Clerical/Administration people - requirements depend upon the position.

Q. Do you have any further information on careers?
A. Yes, watch the video below and contact Kay Niepold on 09 827 0555.
Q. How do I go about applying for a position with Glover Real Estate Ltd?
A. Contact Kay Niepold on 09 827 0555.

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