The basics.

What do I need to know?

All tenancy agreements must comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. Any property owner who is absent from New Zealand for longer than 21 consecutive days must appoint an agent to manage their property.

Our area.

The Glovers Property Management team cover West Auckland and the surrounding areas. We like to keep close to our properties so we can provide top service to both our owners and tenants.

What will my property managers do for me?

We are committed to maximising the return on your investment by providing a quality responsive property and asset management service. Your dedicated property managers are familiar with your property, your tenants and the local area. 

Our knowledge of fair price puts both owners and tenants at ease. Tenants can be reassured the property is always at market rent and owners will be certain they are getting a great return for their property. 

The value of your property is preserved through quality property inspections, maintenance and the use of our selected professional contractors. 

Complaints from tenants are dealt with promptly and we can handle disputes, court hearings and evictions if necessary. It is extremely beneficial therefore that our property managers have legal knowledge in tenancy laws. This assists with any disputes and tenancy terminations being settled in a timely manner to minimise or prevent loss to owners.

What will my tenants receive from your company?

Tenants are assigned a dedicated tenant property manager but are also introduced to the other team members and their roles. They receive a welcome pack outlining useful information such as a copy of the first inspection, tips on housekeeping and the rent arrears procedure. Our tenants are also given an after hours phone number should they need to call in the case of an emergency.

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