Our difference

Leaving behind a positive impression has always been part of the service.

If you’re a West Aucklander, you’ll know the Glovers name. We’ve been quietly helping people in and out of property for over 30 years now and leaving behind a positive impression has always been part of the service.

The cornerstone of Glovers’ long-term success is trust - and it unites all our achievements across both sales and property management.

Our Property Managers earn their trust with both landlords and tenants in a myriad of different ways.

As well as having a forensic level of knowledge across every aspect of home management and maintenance, they’re all experts at striking the careful balance of need between landlord and tenant.

A breath of fresh air in property management

As a landlord, it’s simple: you want plain sailing! If you’ve chosen to get your property managed, you’re looking for a company with specialised knowledge and experience and the time to do your investment justice.

Our landlords report a feeling of great security both personally and financially. The Glovers’ team takes the time to match the right people to their property and then we continually invest in building trust on both sides of the fence.

For a service business like Glovers Property Management, quality personal service is high on the list. But what we’re most proud of is how consistent that quality is across every discipline.

Most property management companies assign a property with a single point of contact then cross their fingers that person will optimise both relationships. That’s a risky business model if ever we’ve heard of one!

Glovers thinks differently. To achieve the best results for both parties, we assign an expert to each part of the process.

We have a forensic level of knowledge across every aspect of home management and maintenance

You’re a tenant? You get the tenant expert. You’re a landlord? We’ve got your back! You’re shopping around? We’ll listen to what you’re actually looking for in a property management company and then tailor our service to meet your needs.
(We know, that should be common sense, right? Our clients report it’s not!) 

Is it innovative to match knowledge with need? It shouldn’t be, but in Property Management it seems to be a crazy new thought.

Here’s another – the concept of fairness. Hand on heart, our team knows that if they’re fair with both landlords and tenants then whatever it is, it will work out fine.

If your property is managed by Glovers, whatever it is you need - consider it done.

Glovers. A breath of fresh air in property management.

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